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In early 2003, I started Karate training following a series of visits to doctors and physical therapists. My back was aching again, only this time it was worse than ever. To make matters worse, one or more pinched nerves made sleeping extremely difficult and painful. The only option other than surgery was physical therapy. Unlike previous PT sessions that focussed on abdominal strength and stretching (which provided only temporary relief) the new regimen focussed on myofacial pain relief through exercise and whole body strengthening.

Since core strength is part of the equation, I decided to pursue Shotokan Karate. I had always wanted to study the martial arts and this was just one more excuse to do so. Sensei Rossini started his dojo at about the same time.

I'm happy to say that my back is much improved. Muscular pain is all but gone. There are still some residual pinches that I can live with; I don't expect everything to return to normal since two discs in my lower back have degenerated somewhat.

Meanwhile, Karate has been both rewarding and loads of fun. I wished I had done this much, much earlier !



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