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   Sing 79-81


Forest Hills High School 'Sing' - 1979 to 1981


Here's a walk down memory lane.

Below are the audio tracks to the 'Sing' performances by the Class of 1981 at Forest Hills High School. The audio was originally recorded onto cassette tapes and digitized almost 30 years later. The audio quality isn't that great but it's still wonderful to hear! Some parts may be missing, especially at the end of the first part as someone had to flip the cassette tape.

Everything is in MP3 format.

A big "Thank You" goes out to Cha Tekeli for the Sophomore and Senior Sing tapes!

Update 2017-01-10: Click on the Playbill image and you'll get that Playbill scanned in PDF form. For 1982, there's just the Playbill, no audio.

"The Desperado's Masquerade"

Part A (MP3) - 22:51
43,899,924 bytes)

"The Desperado's Masquerade""

Part B (MP3) - 10:57
21,036,720 bytes)

25-July-2010, updated 10-January-2017

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