Speaker Related Projects

   2-Way Ribbon Tweeter Speakers
(Vifa and Pioneer. May-2020)

   Transmission Line Speakers
(Aborted attempt at a TL. September-2012)

   Acoustic Research AR-4x Rehab
(Rehab of a garage sale find. January-2016)

   Infinity RS-4000 Rehab
(Rehab of a garage sale find. June-2015)

(A tall, thin, upwards firing omnidirectional speaker. May-2010)

(A powered subwoofer using a 12" driver and 15" passive radiator. Jan-2010)

(A computer speaker; redux. December-2005)

(A computer speaker in a light canister. Jan-2005)

(10" vented subwoofer in a cardboard tube, powered by a Parapix amp. May-1999)

   MTM Center Channel Speaker
(A Madisound design. Nov-1997)

   2-way Surround Speakers
(5" woofer and 1" tweeter. July 1997)

   3-piece mini system
(6" DVC bass module mated to 4" car speaker. June 1997)

   3-way Vented Floorstanding Speaker
(vented 10" woofer, 5" mid and 1" tweeter in a 4 ft tower. Summer 1995)

   NHT1259 Subwoofer
(A 12" woofer in a sealed architectural pedestal. Winter 1994-95)

   Inexpensive Speaker Stands
(Particle board, sand and spray paint. Fall 1994)

   2-way satellite
(6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter. Summer/Fall 1994)

Audio Electronics Related Projects

  900 MHz Audio Receiver
(Better use for bad headphones. Jan-2008)

  Buster - A Simple Guitar Amp
(Perfect for the beginner. Jan-2010)

  A PC-based Audio Console
(Use a PC to play tunes. Jan-2010)

  LM-12 Amp
(Bridged LM-12 opamps. Aug-2003)

(A CD player and FM tuner from spare computer parts. Oct-2002)

   Quad 2000 4-Channel Amp
(Premade modules by Marantz. May-1998)

   Zen Amp and Bride of Zen Preamp
(by Nelson Pass. Apr-1997)


  Using Wood in Speakers FAQ
(Work in progress)

   MDF FAQ for speaker builders

   Woodworking Tools for the DYIer
(HomeTheaterHiFi.com Oct-1998)

  Some Thoughts on Cabinet Finished for DIY Speakers

   Large Grills Made Easy

   Some Parts Suppliers

Other Useful Stuff

   DIY Audio Related URLs

  Veneering Primer
(by Keith Lahteine)

   How to get a Black Piano Finish
(by DYI Loudspeaker List members)

   Sonotube FAQ
(by Gordon McGill)

   Excerpts from the Bass List
(Oldies but Goodies)

DIY Loudspeaker List

  DIY Loudspeaker List Archives



Here's a list of some suppliers.

Note : This page is maintained for compatibility with pre-existing pages. See the URLs page for a more comprehensive and complete list of links for the DIYer.

Audio Concepts, Inc. (ACI) 901 South 4th Street, La Crosse, WI 54601; 608-784-4570; finished speakers, kits and DIY parts. Check with ACI for current pricing and availability. Web site is www.audioc.com

Madisound Speaker Components 8608 University Green, PO Box 44283, Madison, WI 53744-4283; 608-831-3433; 608-831-3771 (fax); drivers, parts, kits. Web site is www.madisound.com

North Creek Music System Main Street, PO Box 1120, Old Forge, NY 13420; 315-369-2500; parts and kits. Web site is www.northcreekmusic.com

Old Colony Sound Lab/Audio Amateur Corp. PO Box 243, Dept CT6, 305 Union Street, Peterborough, NH 03458-0243; 603-924-6371 or 6526; 603-924-9467 (fax); books, kits, software, magazines. Web site is http://www.audioxpress.com

Parts Express 340 E. First Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402-1257; 513-222-0173; 513-222-4644 (fax); parts, drivers, electrical stuff. Web site is www.partsexpress.com

Audax of America. 6 New England Executive Park, Suite 455 Burlington, MA 01803; 781-229-7355; 781-229-7356 (fax); driver manufacturer. Web site is http://www.audax.com

Speakers Etc. 2730 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85017; 602-272-6696; 602-272-8633 (fax); electronics, drivers, parts, and driver repair.

Zalytron Industries Corp. 469 Jericho Turnpike, Mineola, NY 11501; 516-747-3515; 516-294-1943 (fax); drivers, parts, kits. Web site is www.zalytron.com



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